Where did the last 12 months go?

I have achieved quite a lot over the past year and clearly keeping my blog up to date wasn’t one of them. I have, however, moved house (and business!) twice in six months, become a single mummy, launched an art and craft range and have done loads of plotting and planning which you will hopefully see the results of very soon!
But for now, more on the art & craft range…
I’m not sure if I have mentioned it before but my background (before children) was in teaching; where my goals were to be either an art teacher and/or to work my way up to being a primary school Principal. So to finally be venturing into the field of art and crafts is very exciting, especially on the days where a huge box of art and craft supplies arrives for me to play with.
In the latest arrival came a box of sensory collage materials, which have turned out to be a lot more beneficial than just playing and
creating with different types of textured materials. It turns out to be great for developing and extending language, particularly in children struggling with vocabulary and descriptive words. It also gives children a tangible experience
where they can not only look but touch and play, therefore giving them a more concrete understanding of a variety of descriptive words.
The sensory pack included crunchy orange noodles, hard small purple balls and larger yellow ones, a variety of coloured shredded paper & tissue paper circles, white stringy noodles, pink card diamonds and yellow squares, red pasta, soft fluffy paper and the list goes on…
I sat down with my daughter on one of her days off and got out all the different crafty supplies and glue. Here is what we got up to…. and yes we made a huge mess!
By decorating  a die cut paper card lantern with our sensory bits and pieces, we also practiced fine motor skills; being careful to glue along the lines while not gluing the whole project to the table (which I admit to doing several times).
Not only are these craft packs great for language and fine motor skills, but they are a fun way to learn and create, away from the TV and other technologies, allowing children (and mums!)  to be creative and use their imaginations; something that children these days have much less opportunity to do.
These sensory packs will be available through the website and from your local Party Plan Consultant soon, along with a wider range of crafts including wooden planes and rockets, sand art, collage packs and loads more.
In the mean time, a variety of craft packs are available each month in the Little Wooden Toybox Express packs at http://littlewoodentoybox.com.au/product/0-new-little-wooden-toybox-express/.
If there is a particular activity you would like to purchase separately,
please email tash@littlewoodentoybox.com.au.



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