Mission, Vision & Values

Our purpose is to educate families on the benefits of wooden toys and learning through play while providing financial support and a sense of community and achievement to young mums through Little Wooden Toybox Party Plan.

My vision is to build Little Wooden Toybox into a company that will financially fund community centres Australia wide where young families; including special needs families, are welcomed, supported, educated and accepted. I believe it is essential to bring back the village that is required to raise well balanced children while supporting young families through the challenges they face in parenting in today’s society.

Every single order that you place with us, no matter how big or small, gets us one step closer to achieving our goals of helping support mums and families.


Little Wooden Toybox has big long term goals, but for now our community work starts with The Morning Tea Project: where mums from the community are free to come for a few hours to connect with other mums and leave feeling loved, understood and heard. Where judgement is left at the door. Where mums can relate to each other. Where they can say out loud that they are struggling and realise that they are not the only ones. Every dollar you spend brings this project closer to launch!

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much for your orders… keep them coming and tell your friends about us!

To read the full vision of Little Wooden Toybox, please to go the blog post here



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