Thighs Slapping Together…


Hello there, 

I was tossing up between calling this post ‘New Years Resolutions’ or ‘Thighs Slapping Together’… needless to say Thighs Slapping Together won.

And without any thought or consideration, I have decided to do something about it today!! Will I care tomorrow?! I am not sure, but today I do! As age seems to be settling in and making everything travel further south by the minute, it is time to fight back 😛

30mins later…. (oh and be under no illusion that I ran the whole way)

Well… that was..umm…fun?! Were thoughts of health and happiness travelling through my head?! Umm, no… more like I AM GOING TO DIE, I AM GOING TO DIE, I AM GOING TO DIE AND I SO NEED AN ARSE BRA!!! Haha. But I live still and will make an effort to go again. Not tomorrow though. Or Sunday. Perhaps Monday!?

I am not going to be too ambitious (or hard on myself just yet) with a plan to go for 30+mins, 5 times a week, but I am making a decision to make an effort, and push myself a little more each time… and getting those happy endorphines going so that I can come home to a trashed house and fix it *oh joy*!

As far as other new years resolutions go, I only picked one, AND I HAVE BEEN GOOD SO FAR!! Kali will be thrilled (she sorts out my horrible accounting messes and makes everything pretty again). In short my old accounting system consisted of at least 3 stuffed coffee mugs (where I once almost immersed my latest receipt in my actual coffee), 2 to 10 boxes placed strategically around the house, several handbags, nappy bags, bowls etc also around the house with a variety of receipts dating back to when Missy was born… BUT NO LONGER!! I have a nice, neat, dated pile of receipts sitting right next to my laptop (actually at the desk, not on the coffee table or kitchen table or somewhere in between!). Having them sorted into groups is asking too much (keeping my goals achievable) but they are together in ONE ziplock bag, patiently awaiting Kali to fix them into a Profit & Loss statement (I am still scarred from doing the last one which took me at least 50 hours to fix my mess on my coffee mug account system)…

I am done rambling now… something is setting in and my arms are shakey…

Now I have a house to clean for my little man’s party tomorrow!

Oh and hubby just waltzed in and and announced ‘That was good, we should do that [running] everyday!! Me *urgh*

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