Married Four Years Today!!

This post is up to date… took me two and a bit weeks to post the last one!
Thank goodness it wasn’t
raining this time 4 years ago when I went down the aisle (outside)!!
To be honest it feels like
we have been married 10 years. I was surprised to count back and realise it was
only four. Four years of marital bliss? BAH Not quite!!!
There are times we have no
doubt both wanted to kill each other (ok not really, but close!), times I
wanted to walk out and be done with it all as it seemed just too hard, times we
were sad together, through miscarriages and loss, through our first born
diagnosed with Autism, times we were exhausted and at our wits end with all the
screaming, times we wanted to put the little ones out on the verge ready for
collection (now don’t tell me you haven’t wanted to do that too!), times we didn’t
know how we’d pay for food or rent, times we just had to sit down and laugh at
the latest ridiculous thing to happen as it seemed there was nothing else to
Do I regret the pain,
loss, disappointment and all we have been through together? At the time I could
have done without it, but honestly I would have to say no, because what we have
been through together has made us who we are today, stronger, wiser and ready
to face the next challenge together, rather than as two separate people trying
to make it work.
I can honestly say I am
completely happy in my relationship with my husband. I am proud of us both;
that we have stuck together through the dramas of life and have come out better
people. Does this mean all is perfect? Not by a long shot (on both our parts)
BUT we are moving forwards together :)
One of my favourite
memories together was camping down south and teaching Sven how to fish. I
didn’t actually get to fish. With two rods and tackle, he always had one in the
water (thinking of new ways to lose and/or tangle the lines) while I was on the
rocks untangling his latest mess. Hehehe (Our life story?!). And of course he
was always the one to get the biggest fish 😛
Four years on and we still
disagree on how to fold socks, we still change the toilet rolls around every
time we go to the toilet (I insist the paper has to face outwards, and will
change it at anyone else’s house too if it is the wrong way around. Ok that is
slightly OCD…) oddly I don’t care if the toilet seat is left up or down! I
still put recycling in the rubbish bin, hubby still fetches it out (no matter
how gross) and puts it in the right bin, he still tells me off for the
floordrobe on my side of the bed, I still tell him off for the sopping wet
bathroom after a shower, he still laughs at my sneezes, I still laugh as his
farts… ok enough of that.
We have had our good
memories too. But what sticks the most is that we can still laugh together,
still have fun and chase each other around the house, and still laugh at the
dumbest thing I have managed to do that day!
Here is some soppiness to
end this on… A poem read at our wedding :)
The very best of marriages
Are made by the best of friends
Who face life together, hand in hand,
The good and the bad life sends.
They aren’t afraid to share
The deepest feelings of the heart,
And respect each other’s needs
To spend some time apart.
They support each other faithfully
When trouble comes there way,
They don’t blame in haste or anger,
But love in what they say.
They make marriage like true friendship
Full of deeds that show they care,
And they find a world of happiness
In all the love they share.
Well we are not quite
there yet but we are working on it!!

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