It’s Ok to Not Be Super Woman Today…

Not only do children like Ravensburger puzzles… but so do the dogs *sigh*

Hello All, (I just discovered the dogs eating our brand new Tractor Floor Puzzle that we opened last night… $19.80 from!)

House Keeping:
For anyone that missed last night’s Little Wooden Toybox E-Newsletter see here.
See Facebook soonish for sale stuff :)

Today I…

Dropped my little man at school
Decided not to take my little girl to daycare/school as she was so sad and crying for Daddy
Went to friends for coffee (first proper ‘me’ time in weeks!!) with Missy
Took Missy shopping and bribed her several times with Cinderella and Tinkerbell ๐Ÿ˜›
Went home, played, stuffed around, left to pick up boy
Got to school, no shoes in car *oops* went to class barefoot and looking like an bogan ๐Ÿ˜› No one seemed to care though which suggests they might be used to me or more likely that being mums like me, they had their own more important things to think about! On that note… I was quite surprised to see how many people go to the shops in their jarmies… at lunch time (after being at Southern River shops with LWT stall last week – lots of weird things happened there, like being asked to watch a grandma while her daughter went shopping. No instructions, no idea what I was supposed to do if she ran away!! I don’t even know if she had planned to run away! She didn’t in the end) ๐Ÿ˜› Anyway, at least I remembered to get dressed this morning :)
Went home, was bored, dyed hair red! Now I have red hair… and hands and ears and forehead as this red stuff seems to love white pastey skin.
Bought dinner. Did not even consider making it.

Watched Ice Age for about the 200th time. No I am not exaggerating, we watch about 10 movies over and over and this one has been on the hard drive since 22 March 2008… I just checked ๐Ÿ˜› And my boy will still ask in exactly the same places (autism thing) what is happening the whole way through!!

Just got little ones to bed. Meaning we got them to their rooms. The boy has already been up about 4 times since starting this for band aids, drink bottles, library book, toilet, same old same old…

One tired mum asked me last week what age do they (children) go to bed and stay in bed. A laugh burst out of me before I could control myself. Then she asked what age mine were (presuming they were babies still?) I said 3 & 5yo and she looked a little distressed. Hahaha

Moving on… Today I am not Superwoman… nor this week for that matter!

This week I had 2 nanna naps (reading & bed for up to 4 hours! *yay*)… instead of updating the website, cleaning the house, cleaning the floor, cooking, more cleaning, unpacking (18 boxes of LWT puzzles still remain unopened) and the list goes on! I gave myself permission to just leave it and have some ‘me’ time. Sometimes (ok most times) the clean house just isn’t worth the exhausted grumpy me ๐Ÿ˜›

This week I have asked people (you – see E-Newsletter link above & Facebook) for support in keeping my little shop in Fremantle open. This was hard as no one likes admitting defeat and we all like to put on a big happy ridiculous face when clearly things aren’t all that rosy. So I quit pretending and asked for help. Your help. Because without you there may not be a LWT shop! Don’t get me wrong here; I am not quitting. I will make it work one way or another and I already have a plan (my head does not turn off!!) if the shop does happen to go to poo… BUT I would LOVE to keep it open, providing a regular concrete place to showcase all the educational toys and resources that have good old fashion educational values in this world of iPads and computerised learning. Come down and do Christmas shopping!!! (Shop M120 E Shed Markets Fremantle Harbour WA – where the ships come into port).

This week I have had to face facts that LWT Party Plan will not be up and running before Christmas, no matter how hard I try. I’m busy, every one else is busy and there just aren’t enough hours in the day! According to my diary I have 7 days free between now and January 2, none of this is social other than Christmas Day and Boxing Day ๐Ÿ˜› Again I am not calling it quits as I believe LWT Party Plan will really work and will be a great opportunity for other mum’s to run their own business with a great product, a great reason for selling a great product and also a great social outlet for mums that might otherwise be stuck at home. Lots of ‘greats’!! On that note, I am now looking at Feb/March 2013 for getting LWT Party Consultants started, where I can support them and train them properly without running round like a headless chook… as I will be for the next… oh however many days it is until Jan 2 2013!!!

What was the point of this blog? No idea… I think I just needed to vent ๐Ÿ˜› The red hair made me do it!! Hehe

On a completely different note, new stock just arrived – hubby unpacked it for me *smiles* – and the new Bead Bouquet Set, Letter Box Sorter and Cup Cake Decorating Kits (click here) are really cool and as usual they are much better in real life than online! Speaking of online… the website pooped itself last night so I have to re-enter in some of the new products. Bare with me!

Enough ramblings for one night! Toorah!! ox

The 10% off  a product for picking out spelling & grammatical errors does not apply here! Just Facebook ๐Ÿ˜› (See LWT Facebook About if you have absolutely no idea what I am on about).

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