Frazzled – Tues 20 Nov

Written: Tuesday 20 Nov 2012
Comments: Tuesday 27 Nov
Posted: Wednesday 5 Dec
Still Frazzled but not as
stressed 😛
Not as frazzled or stressed, somewhat recovered!
Hehe, I realised that last week’s post implied that I
thought I was Super Woman the rest of the time… Not quite!!
I now have 7 days free between now and January 3,
including some 14 hour days where LWT has somehow ended up at 3 different
locations at once. My biggest concern is how I am going to get through this
weekend. And no I won’t be appearing and two places at once. Simone, Jayne and
Kali will be running round like headless chooks beside me!
I got through the weekend
somehow… with only a few minor mishaps including HAIL and forgetting my
marquee legs 😛 I was very grateful for the hail on Saturday night at Wanneroo
(after getting over it wetting everything and making my car stink of wet card
board) as it gave me a perfectly good reason to pack up, quit while I was
ahead, and go home to spend the night with my family 😛
Markets, the E Shed shop, shows and shopping centres are
just one side of life at the moment. Juggling early intervention, transitioning
my boy into a new school (practice for next year), sorting out the dreaded
uniform and booklist and Christmas gifts and plans… are just some of the
other things we are dealing with at the moment, as are most other families at
this time of year! Oh and add in good old Vac Swim which I have now missed
registration for *oops* (Mother of the Year again!)
I am guessing most families
are tired and strained at this time of year based on observing people at the
shops this week! I’m not the only frazzled (or grumpy) mum around here!!
We have also now started with
a new OT much closer to home that we are so far happy with. For the past few
months we have had a break from therapy but it has constantly been on my mind
to find a new OT and psych. Finding one closer to home that provides the
services we need has taken a huge stress off my mind and we are no longer
driving to Stirling and Joondalup weekly, meaning my boy is spending more time
in school instead of driving to appointments. Driving in Perth traffic from south
to north is horrid!!
And I couldn’t do any of this without the support of my
husband doing the school runs, dinners, posting out online orders and keeping
the little ones alive and fed. (Not just alive and fed but it is a good start
when looking after little ones).
Oh and add the crappy rent inspection too to the To Do
List which of course happens to be in the middle of a 2 week stint at Southern
River shops.
We still have to get through
crappy rent inspection!!! *argh*
Oh and Missy’s third birthday is this week so somehow I
have to create a Tinkerbelle cake after the Wanneroo Show at around 12pm at
night *eek* Why do I do this to myself?!?!
I did it!! (Or should I say
we….I did it while yelling at hubby to hold onto the Malteasers as the icing
kept melting and they kept rolling off! Yes I was grumpy and tired!) It looked
dreadful until Tink saved the day!!! Haha
But I love the pressure of the silly season (as I loved
the pressure of exams at uni and the stress of managing a kitchen in days past
– Haha yes I can cook, I just choose not to! Likewise with the cleaning :P)
However, I do sometimes wish it would all go away… like this morning when
Santa stole my stall space at Livingston shops. I did end up getting a better
spot but had to wait an hour for it (patience is not a strong point of mine – I
want it and I want it now!). After finding a new spot, getting myself in a flap
over everything going not quite to plan, sweating like a pig after having to
move everything twice (very attractive), I finally got settled only to realise
I had left the table cloths in the car. I went to go get the tablecloths while
enjoying my coffee, only to find more boxes in the car *blah* Carried boxes and
table cloths back to shops at the expense of my poor coffee left in the car
park as I couldn’t carry it all L
…Life goes on! But only just without morning coffee!!
Haha this is where my post on
‘Breakfast’ came in, which got a bit of a reaction from some Facebook fans. 😛
Again there is not much point to my ramblings today!
Somehow writing it down makes my head stop thinking and therefore helps. No
doubt I would prattle on to a brick wall if it showed any sign of listening!!
I must smell today. I am sitting down writing this (as I
am incapable of sitting still without ‘doing’ something) and it is very quiet
at the shops. It also doesn’t help that I picked up the wrong box of
instruments and so my display is a little dismal in parts. Hubby is coming to
fix that soon though *yay*
I am now sitting writing
this, freezing my butt of and almost being blown away INSIDE the shopping
centre. My stall spot is in a position where when someone comes in the door,
all the wind blows in and knock stuff over 😛 I bought a thick blankie from
Coles which at the moment is cushioning my bum from the milk crate I am perched
on 😛 Comfy!
Question to other mums that work full time:
How do you cope with working and running a household with
small children? Are you in my situation where hubby is home while you work?
Otherwise how do you do it!? It doesn’t seem humanly possible!
I know I could not build the business at this level
without hubby at home. I also know that I may not ever have the chance to work
full time again (in near future while littlies are still little!) which is also
why I am working my butt off until Jan 5 when hubby then goes back to full time
Oh and I haven’t had a
nervous breakdown or fallen in a heap as last night’s Facebook post might
suggest. I am just giving myself a break and looking after myself to avoid this
from happening! The world will continue whether I reply to emails today or not.
 I actually feel quite
on top of things this week, last weekend was a nightmare but that is over now 😛
Note: All orders are going
ahead as planned – they have not been put on hold so don’t worry! And don’t email me to check!! Haha
Wednesday 5/12/12: Most of this post is irrelevant now
but posting it anyway. It will be good to look back on next year and see if I
do it all again 😛 No doubt I will!
Toorah for now!

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