Come on the Journey with me – Take 2!!

Take #2

After being informed by family, friends and a business mentor of how terrible the last video was; I decided to re-do it… so here goes!!!

You can also check it out on the FRONT PAGE of the Little Wooden Toybox website *eek*

It only took another 56 tries… and no I am not joking. I really am that bad on camera; family and friends will back me up on that one hehe.

When my video editing skills get better (ok so I don’t have any video editing skills but when I do get some) I will put together a compilation of all the stuff ups. I am pretty sure you will enjoy them!

But in the meantime, keep an eye on this blog as there are loads of informational posts coming soon, as well as some more personal ‘behind the scenes’ and family life posts as well.

Enjoy your weekend!

Tash K

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